2019 Goals
Jan 23, 2019 - #life #photography #programming 

2019 is upon us, and with it comes the usual goal listing for the year. Yes, I’m late to posting this but better late than never, right? Anyway, I’ve finished putting a fresh coat of paint on the website, and now it’s time to get down to writing. So, what are my goals for 2019?

In programming related goals, I have two. The first is to grow my Python 3 knowledge such that I’ll be better able to assist at work when the inevitable 2 to 3 conversion needs to happen. Secondly, I plan on trying to learn either Rust or Go. I started a Rust tutorial, now I’ll do the same with Go then figure out which one I want to continue on with. No real end-goal there, though, it’d just be nice to learn another language. Keep an eye here as I will be writing about my journey.

For Christmas I upgraded my Nikon D3100 to a D7500, which is a huge jump. The goals here are pretty simple: learn about my new camera and do more shoots. I’ve got a lot to learn about photography in general so I’ll also be working on learning about that as well.

Other adventures
I’m still playing around with streaming, and while I guarantee it’s not going to turn into anything big, it’s still something I like to do. I may use my stream in conjunction with the other goals mentioned above, or maybe something else completely different. It just depends on the time I can dedicate to it. I also want to try to write at least once a week here about something I’m doing, working on, or thinking about. I’m still shying away from politics because that just flat out depresses me when I think about the state of the country right now.

I’ll probably throw a page up here to track the goals, and I’ll also provide updates on tags to watch if you’re keen on following my goal adventures for the year.