Thinkpad W540 - My Favorite Laptop
Dec 1, 2019 - #tech #thinkpad 

New laptops are great, but for me nothing beats an older Thinkpad. I currently have a W540 with an i7, 32GB of RAM and 500GB of SSD space. It’s got a few years on it, and I bought it used. My only complaint was the trackpad wasn’t the greatest. After some research, I found that the trackpad could easily replaced with one from another model, so I ordered it and it arrived. After a hiccup (turns out that the thumbprint reader fried, and I thought the machine was shot which resulted in me ordering another W540 parts machine), I easily got the trackpad swapped out and running nicely. This is the main reason these are my favorite machines. The W540 in particular has a socketed CPU, and most of the parts can be swapped out. The keyboard, the trackpad and a few other pieces can easily be swapped out. The RAM on my machine is maxed out, which is fine. I did have it running Windows, but given most of my work-related things are Linux based, I switched it over to Debian 10. Surprisingly it runs Linux as well, if not a little better than Windows 10.