2020: Rough Starts and Moving Forward
Jan 26, 2020 - #life #health #updates 

Sorry for the silence lately, but the start of the year had some health issues pop up. Long story short, the last week of the year I spent a few days in the hospital which uncovered a heart issue. Fun stuff, I know. Long story short, some diet changes and a few cardiologist appointments later and I’ll be in good shape. So, there’s the rough start.

Now, moving forward. I’ve got a few things cooking to write about in the coming weeks. First, I’ve decided to try (Neo)Vim for a year instead of using Emacs. I plan on writing a monthly progress report about what I’m using it for and how it’s going.

Next? I’m writing this post on my new-to-me Mac Mini (late 2014 model). I got it at a decent price, and the first thing I did was add an NVMe SSD to it and that’s proving to be a great decision. So, why would I buy a Mac? I’ve played with OS X in a virtual machine off and on and was pretty impressed with it. The integration with other Apple products can’t really be beat either. The best part? The native Unix command line and of course Homebrew. I still have my desktop PC running Windows, which I’m going to keep around for games and photo editing. Sadly the little Mini doesn’t have enough horsepower for that. Going forward, if after a few months I fall in love with the Mac ecosystem, I may look at either a newer Mac mini or perhaps an iMac. Time (and money) will tell on that one.